30 years dignity.

AME is the abbreviation for Auto Mobile Engineering. It’s a flagship brand that has been proposing an item that enhanced the charm of the car. It has developed a wide variety of alloy wheel through the coverage of sports, VIP, and Euro Luxury cars. MODELART is one of AME’s flagship brands that are loved by many people for more than 30 years. It is no exaggeration to say that the popular multi-pieces large diameter came from this brand. MODELART came from the combination of the word, model and art. As it name indicates, MODELART is famous for its daring 5 spokes design and artwork. It best features are its long form and organic swollen called “Balge line”. MODELART has brought the alloy wheel from a normal car item into a car’s premium item.

Everything Start here.

Choosing the beauty than efficiency.

MODELART series believes that alloy wheel, will bring the same vector as the picturesque and sculpture. Without bench marking any other products and randomly goes in the trend, we have developed a specific concept of beauty, and 3d modeling that was made through trial and error. The process doesn’t differ to any sculpture process. The design that was made in this process and throughout to its functionality, and sublimation of the product doesn’t compromise. Though product process gives high product yield that lower the cost, which is a good merit. Yet, that also lead us sacrifice the beauty of the design. We choose the beauty than efficiency and production. That is MODELART series identity.

Reason of existence.

MODELART series has released various models. Every model has inherited the design from “Balge line” to organic form. It also adopted the worlds’ first (*1) and industries first (*2) manufacturing process that has become an intense topic. MODELART doesn’t stay in the same place yet it keeps innovating. Through its original way of innovation, MODELART series don’t have any rival products or brands but only its past models and future.

Pursuing Endless Beauty
That is MODELART’s reason of existence.

*1... Released a worlds’ first 17 inch tire & wheel (MAYSTORM)
*1... Released a worlds’ first 20 inch 3 pieces wheel (2000: NOBLEY/EXCELLENT)
*2... Released a worlds’ first 7 painting process product (2007: GRACER)
*2... Released a worlds’ first gradation color wheel (2010: BRASSTER)


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