It is easier to compromise
but one can never turn his/her back on their dreams.
At last, the SHALLEN L.O.D has arrived.
This is the achieved dream.


The birth of the 1st model
Difficulty in selection

SHALLEN SERIES has brought its sensation to VIP CARS in 2002. It released 7 different designs in 5 years, starting from SHALLEN LX to SHALLEN FX . Then in 2014, the AGT designer team re-designed the original model to a luxurious and dynamic design that produced the 1st Model. The 1st Model brought itself to its first debut with its intimidating DEEP RIM and CONCAVE DISK. However, the manufacturing process used for this Model was the CAST process which limits the team’s desire to produce a sharper design. So, the team decided to postpone the sales and continue their research to produce a satisfying product.

2nd model To face adversity once again

“HONMONO” (GENUINE) The AGT designer team never stopped their desire to pursue a genuine and legitimate wheel. So after a hard work of research in materials and manufacture, they decided to change the production to a first-class forged and created a full-forged 3pcs structure. – Keeping its former Design, intimidating Deep Rim and Concave Disk to a Full-Forged 3pcs. This has evolved SHALLEN to its 2nd debut. - The 2nd MODEL. However, this was not enough….

Everything is about the finishing.

No matter how good the design and elegant the material that are used, the finishing was not good enough. You can’t deceive the users delicate eyes when it comes to a higher class level. -The 2nd Model was simply not enough.. Therefore the AGT team continued to pursue in creating “a genuine Quality with a Perfect & Dynamic design” and “More Impact “ . The team focused on to create a stronger concave design and decided to change the production to a new level. – Thus the 3rd Model was born. For the past 2 years the team has been re-designing the models, changing the process line and Crown brand to AME for the sake of the quality… Now, the team is finally proud to present their new model – The AME Forged Line SHALLEN L.O.D.



SHALLEN 3rd MODEL – SHALLEN L.O.D ( Lip On Disk) L.O.D is the abbreviation of Lip On Disk. As the name indicate. The feature of this model is its disk spoke that goes all over the top of the Lip. Due with the visual effect, the disk looks larger compared to the past models and shows a more elegant and dynamic performance.

Design 02 CONCAVE

SHALLEN L.O.D adopted the 1st MODEL Concave design. Since the 2nd Model has some difficulty to clear some of the big brake calipers with its concave form, the 3rd Model was re-designed to clear big brake calipers with a stronger concave form. A dynamic recovery of the Concave design and a larger visual effect.

Quality Standard

SHALLEN 3rd Model will be managed by AME’s standard quality. The finishing will be rigidly managed by Japanese standard quality. After the factory inspected the product, it will be re-inspected by the Japanese inspectors twice before it gets to the user’s hands. Only products that pass through the severe inspection will be given a serial number that will be engraved on the back of the Lip. Users will be given a guarantee card with this serial number as the quality certificate of the product.

Production and Process

Once ordered, it will be constructed hand-made

The SHALLEN 3rd Model adopts the high quality material of 【 T6061】 manufactured at ASIA’s highest quality of aluminum Forged factory (HONGXIN). Its quality will be inspected by the factory and will be re-inspected by a Japanese specialist twice before the material is shipped to Japan. The Japanese specialist will only choose the best material and line of the product, giving the customers the Japanese quality standard.










※This is a made to order product. Please note that the brake caliper clearance,
hub diameter or hub height is necessary upon order



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