Just like love.
The colder we are treated, the more intense we become.
SHALLEN XR-75. It will catch your heart and will never let you go!
That’s the vivid contrast of light and shadow.


The contrast of shiny twin spokes & shadow twin spokes.

XR-75 is designed in a different spoke expression that gives complexity and beauty.
The shiny spoke lines, polished in a diamond finished that spread from the center to the rim, are designed to make the disk look larger.
Furthermore, the spread wing on the side gives a 3-dimensional sense on the wheel and also gives an excellent rigidity.
The browned black that is painted in the spoke is uniquely coordinated in a dimple accent.
Thus, XR-75 spokes are formed dynamically and exotically.


On-spoke Logo Mark.

By putting a logo mark on the spoke, it emphasis the spoke design and improves the product life.
We also enhanced the spec for imported cars as requested by the users and cleared the strength into the best score as well.
Therefore, this wheel fits the imported cars such as MBZ, AUDI, VW, BMW etc...
It also fits the Japanese cars such as L class, high middle sedan, hybrid car, minivan etc…

The selected center cap.

The center cap is consisted in a double structure ornament ring.
We engraved the series name in the inner ring to emphasis the high quality.
We also improved the strength of the outer ring and used a very clear acrylic lens for the ornament.
Thus, we have created a high-quality center cap in a 4-piece structure that hasn’t been invented before!

An optional setting for the Swarovski air valve.

We released a Swarovski air valve cap by option in 4 colors.
We developed a new box structure that will hardly detach the Swarovski stone from the valve.










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